Our daughter began working with Mary two years ago, as a 10 year old. Over the last two years, she has participated in individual and group lessons with Mary and later, with Jeff.  We are impressed with the techniques that both Mary and Jeff use to help our daughter improve her golf game.  The drills they use are age appropriate and they have been willing to change their approach as she has matured over time. In addition to working on improving her technical golf skills, Mary has recently begun focusing on the mental aspect of Elaine’s golf game, which seems to be an area that gets neglected by others.  We have seen our daughter make huge improvements in her golf game over the last 12 months, and we have no doubt that Mary and Jeff have played a vital role in that process.

Growing Golfers has been a wonderful experience for our kids, ages 7 and 4.  Ever since they attended their first session, they have been hooked!  Now they ask every morning when they get to go play and see Coach Mary.  Mary’s constant positive attitude and patience with the kids has an enormous impact on the overall environment of her entire class.  Not only does Coach Mary focus on the golf swing and  fundamentals, she also does an outstanding job teaching safety, rules, and etiquette.  This cannot be easy with such young class participants.  Mary and this wonderful program have given our kids a great love for the game!

The program was wonderful.  Mary and her staff gave lots of individual attention to the kids.  They made the fundamentals easy to remember while creating an enjoyable learning environment.