Growing Golfers

Growing Golfe2016-01-30_180050000_29EAE_iOSrs (formerly, Little Linksters) began in November of 2015 to serve the youngest golfers in Central Illinois. Classes are shorter (30-45 minutes) for “little” attention spans and ae broken up into 3 age groups based upon development. Our 2-3 year olds will enjoy an introduction to the FUNdamentals alongside a parent or caregiver in our 30 minute introductory “Seedlings” classes. Golf is introduced alongside a curriculum that enforces activity, play and rhymes to promote retention of skills learned in the class. Games and stories are used at this age as well so young golfers understand golf terms, etiquette and safety from the very beginning. A series of Seedlings classes typically lasts 4 class sessions.

Our 4-6 year olds  “Sprouts” classes are 45 minutes in duration and include many of the fundamentals that begin in our Seedlings classes. Increased time allows for more repetitions and practice of golf skills. Rhymes and games and age appropriate stories about golf are used to create enthusiasm for the game and retention of skills. A series of Sprouts classes typically lasts 6 class sessions.

Our oldest Growing Golfers group is our 7-10 year old “Saplings.” The Saplings classes are 45 minutes in duration (or longer) and provide a strong basis in the fundamentals in language and teaching appropriate for this age group. Rhymes and games encourage retention of the fundamentals along with stress on the importance of remaining physically active. A series of Saplings classes typically lasts 6 class sessions.
For the spring and summer of 2016 Growing Golfers offers classes through the Peoria Park District as well as at WeaverRidge Golf Club. The season will kick off with a special Parent/Child class at Detweiller as a preparation for golfers who may choose to participate in the Little Guys and Gals Championship June 19-20, 2016. Class sessions for all 3 age groups will be offered at WeaverRidge in June, the Park District in July and will culminate with the Growing Golfers Championships in late July/early August. Go here to register for 2016 classes.